Strategic Brokering

Kinetik Partners provides powerful and practical processes and frameworks that help industry clients and regions design their businesses to seize the most attractive opportunities for growth and value creation.

Corporate Development
Kinetik Partners supports successful companies analyzing their corporate and product portfolio strategy to understand business drivers and future needs for growth. We analyze non-organic sources to increase competitive advantages and to develop long-term value creation. We support our partners by taking a systematic look at their corporate portfolios and future plans to divest core capabilities and to pursue opportunities for growth through joint ventures and alliances.

  • Merger and acquisition strategy
  • Acquisition screening
  • Strategic due diligence
  • Joint ventures and alliances
  • Collaborative research and development

Government incentives
Kinetik Partners provides site selection and incentive negotiation services to leading firms and organizations worldwide. We specialize in the clean energy industry, supporting global companies interested in developing operations in North America. We support location decisions for all types of activities, including manufacturing, distribution, and office projects (headquarters, research and development facilities).

Regional Economic Development
Kinetik Partners assists state, regional and community economic development organizations in developing and implementing job and investment growth strategies. Our clients and partners include federal, state, and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, trade associations and private businesses. Our economic development analytical framework allows us to evaluate regional capabilities, assess market conditions and needs, complete gap analysis and realize market opportunities to design improved economic development strategic plans for future economic growth and development.

Economic Development Strategies
Kinetik Partners, in collaboration with economic development organizations, develops and executes regional growth strategies. These strategies are grounded in a collaborative process that identifies regional assets and capabilities that support high growth markets and provide regional competitive advantages. Subsequently we develop detailed actions for stakeholders to target, expand, and attract enterprises within both existing and emerging industries. For selected customers, we also provide strategy implementation services.

Cluster Development
Kinetik Partners supports the development of industrial clusters as strategy to reinforce economic development strategies. It is crucial to maintain industrial competitiveness to enable and support the development of clusters. Kinetik Partners is actively engaged in the development of technology and manufacturing innovation clusters around advanced manufacturing of clean energy systems.

Industry Diversification Programs
Kinetik Partners recognizes the importance of workforce development training to diversify regional economies. We focus on Business Development and Market Diversification training. Kinetik has partnered with local government and private entities to design and implement strategic workshops and targeted industry events to support the growth of new sectors and economic development.